Types Of Fascia Board Materials

Have you been experiencing a leaking in your roof during rains?

Our roofs protect our house interior from every weather condition there is, whether it’s a warm or cold weather, wet or dry.

Our roofs have gutters that are fixed at the edge of the roof that carry off the rainwater.

Through time, the fascias may wear down and may need some repairing and replacement to protect your house from leaking.

If you are still confused on what is a fascia board and which part of your roof or exterior siding it is located, here is a more detailed description of it:

what is a fascia board

What Is A Fascia Board

The fascia is a long panel that is along the roofline which serves as a finishing trim and helps in connecting the ends of the trusses and the rafters.

It is the board where gutters are attached and protect the interior from rainwater that runs along the gutter.

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If you think that you already need to repair and replace your damaged fascia board, here are the different types of fascia board materials and their uses to help you guide on what type of fascia board material you should be buying and the designs of fascia boards to choose according to your preference.

Different Types Of Fascia Board Materials

  1. Wood

Wood is the most common material where fascia boards are made of, where cedar is usually used. It is also the least expensive material available for fascia boards. If you want to cut the cost of your fascia repair, you may choose the wood materials. Primer and paint are also applied to the wood board to ensure durability.

  1. Aluminum

If your current fascia is made of wood and you have noticed some parts are already rotten or decayed, you may install an aluminum fascia on top of it to cover the damaged part and protect your current board from further damage.

  1. Vinyl

Vinyl is usually installed over a wood fascia during installation to add more protection to a wooden board. If you think that it has worn out, you may replace it with vinyl panels that may match your exterior sidings.

  1. Composite

If you are environment conscious, then the composite boards are perfect for you as they are made of recyclable materials. Bound with epoxy resin is a combination of sawdust, wood chips, and recycled plastic, it is what the composite fascia boards are made of. It is the most expensive among different types of fascia board materials, but you can ensure a better quality and longer lasting protection from the rainwater of the gutter.

different types of fascia board materials

Designs Of Fascia Boards To Choose

There is a deck of selection of designs and colors of fascia boards. Go to the nearest hardware shop in your place and you will find a variety of them. If you prefer a full replacement of your exterior fascias, then you can be free to choose the color and design that you want. However, if you are replacing only a portion, make sure that you are choosing a design that is almost close to your current panel, if not exactly the same.

Replace Your Fascias Now

Do you need a fascia board replacement?

Select from a wide range of designs of fascia boards to choose from, and protect your house from leaking and wearing.

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