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Our Mission

Recycling Services understands the critical need to educate the public and to create a market for recycled products. Our vision is to become a community-based, self-contained recycling center. RSI has made a moral decision to provide an educational program that is essential to life itself. We strive to provide a center where recycling will create new products from old ones, and to preserve the rich heritage of the earth for future generations through other projects including organic farming, renewable resources and land preservation.

Recycling Services, Inc.
365 Elm Street
Pottstown, PA 19465
Phone: (610) 323-8545
Fax: (610) 323-3962
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News: Spring 2013

Dear Friends,

This winter has been very hard (as you well know). Here at Recycling Services, heavy snowfall means slower collection days with no materials going out, and little money coming in. As I'm snowed in myself amid piles of bills, I'd like to take a moment to give you an idea of where your monetary contributions go, with the purpose of seeking sponsors for specific expenses.

Regular Expenses:
Labor (paid staff)… $7400/mo.
Insurance………… $1160/mo.
Worker's Comp Insurance… $500/mo.
Propane (forklift)……$250/mo.
Phone service………$150/mo.
Non-recyclable disposal...$90/mo.
Forklift Maintenance… $66/mo.
Baling Wire……………$45/mo.
Cat food…………… $25/mo.

One-Time Expenses:
Roof repair…...… $1500
Plastic grinder..… $1500
Cement patches… $1350
Trailer repairs...… $1050
Grinder vac…….… $750
Sump pump……… $650
Scales repair…...… $250
Snow plow…….… $250

It is my hope to meet most, if not all, of these expenditures in the next few months with the help of our supporting members. We've already had to eliminate Tuesday collection days due to dwindling revenue; please consider a specific sponsorship to enable us to continue meeting expenses into the warmer (and hopefully less trying) seasons.

Additionally, we are currently seeking workshop space to develop a variety of projects. Most R&D ideas here are stalled for lack of space in which to work on them, including rebuilding solar equipment, the Exercise-To-Energy Project, and the de-manufacture of child car seats into a new product. In the past we have rented barn and/or garage space; if you know of any possible workshop space, please let us know. Ideas are always welcome.

Thanks for reading,

Jim Crater

Become a Member

Benefactor: $1,000 or more
Patron: $500
Sponsor: $250
Friend: $100
Family: $75
Individual: $50

Please make checks payable to Recycling Services Inc. Include your name and address. Mail to
Recycling Services, Inc.
365 Elm Street
Pottstown, PA 19465

Items for Sale

Solar Battery Charger: $28.95
Denim Rugs: $65.00
Iron BUtterfly: $45.00
Wooden Whiskey Rain Barrels: $175
New and used Solar equipment

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New and ongoing projects:

RSI Closing Policy and Winter Hours

Weather Closing: The Recycling Center will be closed when there is snow or ice.  Please call us at 610-323-8545 for a recorded message alerting you of our status.

Holiday Closings: The Recycling Center will be closed when our normal collection day (Saturday) falls on a major holiday.  Please call us at 610-323 8545 for a recorded message alerting you of our status.

Winter Hours: Saturday hours to continue through the winter, weather permitting. Check our phone message if it's questionable. 

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